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The Athabasca area offers something for just about everyone - - nature lovers, cottagers, campers, fishermen, hunters, golf enthusiasts, history buffs, retirees, business entrepreneurs, and those seeking the pace of a rural lifestyle. It is nestled in the picturesque Athabasca River valley, just 150 km north of Edmonton on Highway 2.

Between the years 1880 and 1914, Athabasca Landing, as the Town of Athabasca was then called, became known as the "Gateway to the North," a jumping off point for the Peace and Athabasca trading rivers flowing to the Arctic. In 1914 the railroad was laid through this area. Boyle was chosen by the railroad as a town site with views to the future, and was to be an important link in the northern line of communication.

The new Trans-Canada trails run south along the Tawatinaw River and north of the Athabasca River towards the Sawdy district and Smith. Leisure activities abound: hiking, birding, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, square dancing, pottery, drama, bingo and cards, art club, poetry clubs, swimming, curling, golfing, ice fishing, music society, snow mobile riding, and more.

Covering approximately 6,327 square kilometers, the County of Athabasca is rich in history and natural beauty, featuring an abundance of lakes and rivers, along with many scenic hiking and cross-country ski trails. The Athabasca area is also blessed with a range of churches and faith communities, many service and community groups, seniors services, veterinary services, Farmer's Markets, libraries and archives, art and pottery clubs, craft and quilting groups, and more.